The Wine Cru - Awards

We are delighted and proud to be the recipients of three Wine-Searcher awards.


  • Bordeaux List - Scotland Gold
  • Medal French List - Scotland Gold
  • Medal European List - Scotland Silver Medal

The awards began back in 2017 and since those heady days, when merchants could win 10 or more awards, they have become ever more refined and precise with merchants rewarded for displaying true excellence throughout the year as either an all-rounder or a specialist – or sometimes both

Today, the maximum number of awards any merchant can win is six, three for wine and another three for spirits. If a merchant is in the running for more than three wine awards, they will be awarded the ones they excelled at the most, and the same applies for spirits. Source Wine-Searcher

We were awarded three medals in 2017 and have retained 2 golds since 2018 demonstrating the breadth of our wine list and commitment to deliver great wines to your door.