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Whether you are celebrating a significant birthday or wedding anniversary, a bottle of vintage wine from a specific year can make a wonderful gift to celebrate the occasion with!

Milestone years should be celebrated with a special bottle worthy of the special day and evoke happy memories.

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Here are some notes on 2022’s significant anniversary vintages:

10th Anniversary | Wine from 2012 - an important milestone that should be celebrated by parents! 2012 was mixed year across all regions. Look to Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Rhone. Champagne however, had a fine year. In the rest of Europe, Italy had a very good year, particularly Piedmont and Tuscany, whilst Spain and Germany were also good. In Portugal they didn’t declare 2012 as a vintage year. Over to the New World, California was excellent as was Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile and South Africa. Overall some lovely wine which will drink well in 2022.

18th Anniversary | Wine from 2004 - another mixed vintage across the regions. In France stick to red Bordeaux or wines from the Rhone valley and Alsace. Champagne also enjoyed a good year. For the rest of Europe, Piedmont and Tuscany both had a great year as did Spain and Germany.  The port houses did not declare a vintage year. In the New World most regions had a reasonable year although these are harder to find compared to the wines of Europe.

20th Anniversary | Wine from 2002 - Few regions did well in 2002 producing average wines. The exceptions were Champagne, Burgundy (especially for whites). In the New World look to California and Australia.

25th Anniversary | Wine from 1997 - Not a great year for Bordeaux with the exception of the sweet wines of Sauternes. Other French regions were good but not great. Once again Piedmont and Tuscany produced excellent wines. 1997 was declared a Port vintage, and these are just starting to drink well. California was the star of the New World.

30th Anniversary | Wine from 1992 - Not much to celebrate in this vintage. Burgundy did ok. Some port houses declared a vintage. California did well and Australia produced some good wines.

40th Anniversary | Wine from 1982 - Bordeaux had a vintage of the century moment, except Sauternes, as did Champagne. Italy was good and Spain was also legendary in Rioja. It was more mixed in the New World bur some good wines were made in Australia and South Africa.

50th Anniversary | Wine from 1972 - A largely disappointing year with few regions producing decent wines. A port vintage, but these are scarce as only three houses produced. Burgundy produced reasonable reds.

60th Anniversary | Wine from 1962 - A good vintage for Bordeaux, overshadowed by its predecessor, both reds and Sauternes. Burgundy was good, as was Italy, particularly Barolo.

Preceding anniversary vintages - some 1952 Bordeaux can still be enjoyed as well as wines from Spain.1942 is similar if one can find them.

One of the many things we love about wine is its ability to surprise. Enjoying wines for vintages that have been written off as poor, and opening older vintages that have still tasted alive. How can we tell the drinkability of venerable bottles? The short answer is we can’t. Wine is a living, breathing entity that can be affected by storage conditions along the way. If you would like to discuss any specific wine or vintages please don’t hesitate to get in touch either by using you chat function or the contact form.

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