My Wines Of The Year 2023

My Wines Of The Year 2023

As we march into 2024 it's time to reflect back on some of my wine highlights of 2023. Looking back through photographs and notes is something I always enjoy. Often reminding me of times shared with family and friends as well as conducting tastings for clients.

So in no particular order here are a few that have stood out in 2023!

Cahors Clos De Gamot 1995 - Malbec (known as Cot locally) based wine which is usually consumed much younger. This bottle showing that it ages very well.

Marques De Riscal XR 2017 - A new wine for this historic and well respected Rioja estate. First released in 2015 and in a more modern style . It did not disappoint. Great fruit and depth of flavour.

Chateau Figeac 1983 - Our Christmas day wine, which lived up to our expectations and its reputation. A stunning 40 year old wine.

Graham Beck Brut Rose - A very drinkable pink fizz from this South African producer and offers good value, especially when Waitrose had it in their £10 range.

Wines of When in Rome - Boxed wine and now single bottles made from paper. The wine is good, but the commitment and drive for sustainability is to be highly commended. Our regular camping wine!

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2022 - An old favourite back on form after a couple of vintages in the doldrums. Once again leading the way in NZSB!

Croft Vintage Port 1963 - Lucky to have had two bottles this year (my birth year). Once on my birthday and once at Christmas. Still going strong at 60 with no sign of slowing down. Just like me. A birth year wine should always be special.

Grande Fine Champagne Cognac 1963 - Again part of my birthday celebration and a real treat. Shared with friends on several occasions.

So looking to 2024 wines I think the 1994 vintage will feature quite heavily as part of our 30th wedding anniversary. I intend to improve my knowledge of South African wines, along with lesser known grape varieties.

Happy New Year




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