Chateau Cissac a brief history of a personal favourite.

Chateau Cissac a brief history of a personal favourite.

Chateau Cissac is one of the first Bordeaux wines I ever tasted back in the early 1980's and it has remained a firm favourite to this day. I have tasted most pre 2010 vintages ( I haven't yet broached my cases of 2010 onwards) back to 1961 and have always enjoyed them and often been pleasantly surprised by them in the so called "lesser vintages". On two occasions I have been lucky enough to taste a range of vintages side by side in a vertical tasting. The latter of which there is some more detail here.

In the 1983 edition of Bordeaux and its Wines, Feret, Chateau Cissac is ranked 2nd in the Haut Medoc commune of Cissac-Medoc and described thus:-

A 68 hectare estate planted with Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec, but predominantly Cabernet. Situated in the middle of the commune, four kilomitoers west of Chateau Lafite.

The actual chateau is an 18th century charter house and was built on the remains of a Roman Villa. Today the vineyards are managed by Marie Vialard, a direct descendant of Jacques Mondon who bought the estate in 1895 and Louis Vialard, who restored it to its former glory in the mid 20th century.

Louis Vialard took over the estate after his fathers death in 1942. During his fathers time the Cru Bourgeois Classification was introduced (1932) and Cissac was included. The classification has been irregularly updated several times and Cissac was upgraded to Grand Cru Bourgeois in 1966 and Grand Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel in 1978. In the latest edition of the classification, 2020 it is ranked Crus Bourgeois Supereiurs.

Traditionally the wines were quite austere and tannic when young requiring many years in bottle to soften and let the fruit express itself. More recent vintages are softer and said to be approachable within three or four years so whether they will make old bones as the wines of the 1960's and 1970's have done remains to be seen.

On price it is a wine that still offers good value for money against its peers. Current vintages can usually be found around the £20.00 pound mark, with older vintages around £50.00 pounds.

It is certainly a wine I will continue to buy and enjoy.

You can view our range of Chateau Cissac vintages here.

Credits:- Chateau Cissac website. Bordeaux and its Wines Feret 13th Edition.

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