How It All Started

How It All Started

Back in the 80's I went to catering college to become a professional chef. Whilst there I was offered some additional course, one of which was the level one WSET course. More qualifications seemed like a plan so I signed up. For 6 Tuesday evenings my eyes were opened. A small twelve bottle rack was purchased. And so it began. Many books and visits to off-licences and wine merchants followed. The first bottle that made me say "wow" out loud was Chateau Moulinet 1979 from our local Threshers. (1985). Over the years it has become an anniversary wine of ours. Had one recently and its still great!

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Thanks for your comment Guy. Guessing 1979 is a significant year for you. We have a few different wines listed. The particular one mentioned here is sold out unfortunately.

Jonathan Mitchell

Must dig out that wine if I can afford it! 1979. Great to know someone who’s broken the mould and chosen a fairly usual career path! And of course I mean that in the most respectful way! Bottoms up! Guy

Guy Hinks

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